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The content of the complex

“Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa” is a modern residential building complex that meets all the criteria to become your ideal mountain home with its location, materialization, and contents.

Within the complex, there is a wellness & spa centre, which will contribute to a more complete and absolute holiday experience. The guests of the complex will be able to spend their free time in the best way possible, relaxing and enjoying the place that is completely subordinated to peace and relaxation.

Apart from the fantastic space for enjoyment, the complex “Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa” took care of one more important item when it comes to a carefree holiday – parking. Within the very complex, there is a sufficient number of parking spaces for all guests.

Apart from the dominant residential part, the complex also has premisses that are extremely suitable for facilities and activities that will complete the residents’ holiday: restaurant, playroom, supermarket, gym…, therefore this residential complex will meet all the needs of the guests who came to relax.


The beauty of lodging inside the complex is also due to the landscaped park within the block, which offers the guests a comfortable and safe stay even with small children.

Suites are designed in such a way that with their functional organization, brightness, and transparency, as well as idyllic vistas, they make up the space to taste of everyone who decides to stay there. By building this complex, Zlatibor gets a new, modern place for people to stay and spend their holiday, and you the possibility and privilege to own exactly here a suite to your taste.

Within the suite complex “Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa” there is a reception meant for guests’ information. Management, renting out, and maintenance of the actual complex will be entrusted to the company “NS Hotels” which has a rich and successful background for it.

Spa center

A place where time stands still and your enjoyment of the natural ambiance of our Spa center becomes a reality. Experience all the charms of a state-of-the-art SPA center that offers a special kind of enjoyment of magnesium water, which is a balm for both body and soul. It gives you exactly what the fast pace of life takes away from you. Raise your ladder of enjoyment in the condominium “Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa.”


Apart from the exceptional construction quality, top locations, and compliance with the deadlines, the company “Galens Invest” is recognizable as the investor that takes care of the parking of its tenants and guests of hotels and residential – business buildings. For a nice and peaceful holiday, a safe parking space that will be waiting for you is necessary.


“NS Hotels” is a company that is specialized in the management of hotels and other hospitality facilities. This company for a long time now has been successfully running the boutique hotel “Pupin” in Novi Sad and since recently also the newly opened mountain resort “Zlatibor Mountain Resort & Spa” located in the very centre of Zlatibor. The company is made up of young, highly qualified staff that has a background with extremely good business results.

ZLATIBOR - Miladina Pećinara 31A, Zlatibor
Hotel Zlatibor Mountain Resort & Spa, lokal 11

NOVI SAD - Narodnih Heroja 3 - Pupinova Palata 11. sprat

BEOGRAD - Tošin bunar 270a, prvi sprat

ZVORNIK - Svetog Save 67 - Republika Srpska

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