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“Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa” complex is located on the Zlatibor glade in the close vicinity of the residential area Jelena Anžujska and the hotel “Zelenkada”. The close vicinity to the tourist section allows for finding peace and connection with nature and gives users the possibility to experience the natural mountain beauty in the best way possible. Because of the height of the ground where the complex is situated, an idyllic and panoramic view of Zlatibor opens up, and the vivid surroundings guarantee a full rest, good sleep, peace, and tranquillity.

The complex is situated in natural surroundings, in the part of the mountain that is gradually developing. It is especially important to point out that the investments in the road infrastructure of Zlatibor are in progress, so the centre of the tourist attraction is not unreachable. There are indications that an actual pedestrian zone will start to be made and that it will lead all the visitors of this residential area directly to the central square and the Zlatibor lake.

In the close vicinity of the complex, there are sports facilities, hiking trails, hotels, restaurant facilities, and a supermarket.

ZLATIBOR - Miladina Pećinara 31A, Zlatibor
Hotel Zlatibor Mountain Resort & Spa, lokal 11

NOVI SAD - Narodnih Heroja 3 - Pupinova Palata 11. sprat

BEOGRAD - Tošin bunar 270a, prvi sprat

ZVORNIK - Svetog Save 67 - Republika Srpska

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