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Exclusive apartments for sale are located within the apartment complex “Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa.” The apartments have premium-quality equipment, according to the already functional “turnkey” system.

The management of the luxury apartment complex “Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa” will be managed by the company “NS Hotels”, which successfully manages the hotels “Pupin” in Novi Sad and “Zlatibor Mountain Resort & Spa” on Zlatibor.

If the owner of the apartment expresses a desire to rent the apartment, he has the opportunity to rent the apartment through the company “NS Hotels”, and under the conditions prescribed by a special lease agreement. To fulfill the condition for renting an apartment, the owner is obliged to equip the apartment under the provided standards and design, with a detailed specification of the complete equipment and inventory necessary for categorization. The administration management is obliged to timely submit an offer to the owner, which will be an integral part of the contract on furnishing of the apartment.

Apartment complex “Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa” is obliged to offer apartment owners a special agreement on the conditions of renting real estate, which will define all the details and mutual relations in renting. Such an agreement regulates all costs and decisively divides obligations that the owner has, as well as those that belong to the complex.

The apartment owner received a “Platinum Card,” which allows him up to a 20% discount on all spa services within the apartment complex “Ruj Mountain Residence & Spa.”


Feel free to message us if you have additional questions related to our offer.

ZLATIBOR - Miladina Pećinara 31A, Zlatibor
Hotel Zlatibor Mountain Resort & Spa, lokal 11

NOVI SAD - Narodnih Heroja 3 - Pupinova Palata 11. sprat

BEOGRAD - Tošin bunar 270a, prvi sprat

ZVORNIK - Svetog Save 67 - Republika Srpska

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